Frost Dragon Anniversary

Naevehjem Anniversary and Investiture
Nov. 10th 2018
Oyez! Oyez! Come one and all to our Baronial Anniversary and Frost Dragon Festival where we will celebrate and rejoice in coming together as a People as well as to witness the investiture of our Reeves, THL Llewellyn Flinthaven and Baroness Eularia d’Amboise, as our new Baron and Baroness! We will celebrate our theme of “Caid Pride” with competitions for armored, rapier, arts & sciences, and youth. We will have merchants, a raffle with prizes pleasing to the eye, and activities for all people of all ages!
But alas, the dreaded Frost Dragon returns with the intent to ruin our festivities and once again try to lay claim on the land we so cherish and care for! Therefore, to any brave warrior who challenges and defeats this gruesome beast a special gift will be given as a token of our appreciation and esteem.

Freedom Park,
200 S. Warner St.,
Ridgecrest, CA 93555

Registration information:
$12.00 for adult non-members, $7.00 for adult members, and youth 10 years of age and under are guests of the Barony. Registration will be held on site at the gate.
Merchant Information: cost for attendance is same as registration but must present the Barony copies of all appropriate permits and form 410-D Special.

8:00am: Site opens
9:00am: Lists open (Closes 15 minutes after opening court)
10:00am: Opening court
**Fighting Competitions commences 15 minutes after Lists close**
3:00pm: A&S Competition judging begins followed by the raffle
4:00pm: Closing court
5:30pm: Site closes and Feast Hall opens
6:30pm: Feast commences
9:00pm: Feast Hall closes

Event Steward:
Lord Godfrey filius Eduinus

After a day of celebration and hard fighting, THL Liam of the Bloody Forelands courteously invites you to attend a post-event feast that he has prepared where we will relax, eat delicious meals, and enjoy company and fellowship. The theme for our feast is “Best of the Ages” where we will have revived signature dishes from the past that were rated highly among the populace.
But what good is a feast without a variety of delicious and sweet treats? Therefore, a Dessert Contest will be offered during the feast and prizes will go to the Most Creative, the Most Period, and the Baron’s Favorite. The dessert is honey-themed due to our incoming baron being diabetic so please create desserts with honey and/or natural unprocessed sugar. So bring those delicious recipes out of the box and make and create for this competition as the winner of the Baron’s choice of desserts will be honored with the title of “Confectioner to the Baron of Naevehjem”!

Feast Location: 
Knights of Columbus Hall,
725 W. Ridgecrest Blvd.,
Ridgecrest, CA 93555

Feast Registration:
$20.00 and children 6 years of age and younger are guests of the Barony. Advanced reservations are highly encouraged as we have limited space and are on a “first come, first served” basis. Please send reservations and questions to the event steward along with any allergies and dietary restrictions.