Special Events

Spring Crown Tournament

The selection of Their Royal Majesties’ heirs will be hosted by our barony!


Annual Events

Summer Pique Nique

Where the barony draws together for a day of feasting and fighting


Frost Dragon Anniversary

November 9, 2019

Naevehjem’s anniversary is celebrated with fighting, feasting and fun!


Monthly Events

Baronial Dinner Meeting

Everyone is invited to join us at our monthly meeting to discuss the business of running a Barony. We meet @ Casey’s on the second Wednesday of every month (place of meeting and day of meeting subject to change) 5:00 pm for dinner or 6:30 pm for the business meeting.

Arts & Sciences Night

Once a month, the artisans of Naevehjem draw together to learn from one another and show their work.

Newcomer’s Meeting

Once a month, we host a night specifically for newcomers, whether to the Barony or the SCA altogether, to answer questions, offer help, or just plain get to know one another.

Cooking Guild

Once a month on a Saturday or Sunday we try to get together and cook a period style dish from a different country. We will discuss the dish that we have made and try new foods we would not normally eat. For more information on the cooking guild please contact Lady Sara Longbothom or Lord Alexandros Kalethatos


Weekly Events

Fighter Practice

Monday nights at 6pm.  Upjohn Park
Fighter practice, Arts & Science, Bardic Arts and newcomers

Ranged Weapons Practice

Sunday evenings at 4pm.  Baldwin’s Keep


Wednesday evenings at 6pm.  Baldwin’s Keep

Archery and Thrown Wepons 

Sundays at 400pm. Baldwin’s Keep

For more info on this please contact our Captain of archers Lady Brig inghean Uateir